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Our team confess an unabashed obsession with riding bikes, building trail and design. We've been riding off-road since mountain biking began, have ridden and raced (domestically and overseas) and have been drawing lines in the hillside and building trail the old fashioned way since 1990 (known as the Kowalski Brothers Trailworks). Riding trail makes us smile and drives our design process.

Our frame protection accessories allow you to protect and style your bike at the same time – and with over a decade of experience in design and manufacture of frame protection products – you can rest assured our products are highly functional, creatively resolved and incredibly well designed.

Our products are 100% Australian made and 100% recyclable – which means that every dollar you spend supports local business and protects the environment. Our products also deliver great value, to you the rider. The best products at great prices... you've got to be happy with that.

Are you a Dirtsurfer?

Frameskin is a Canberra-based, award winning manufacturer trading since 2007.