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Rattlesnake Mudguard (by Yosoy)

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Yosoy is an awesome illustrator based in Mexico City. We've partnered up to introduce a few of his designs to the mountain bike market. RADNESS!

Dirtsurfer mudguards are 100% Australian-made, 100% recyclable and 100% kick-arse. Protect your face, fork seals and stanchions with Dirtsurfer™.

FORM & FUNCTION: Dirtsurfer mudguards have been carefully shaped to optimise the protection of your face, fork stanchions and fork seals by deflecting the water, mud and crud (whatever form that might be) thrown up from your tyre. If you've ever copped mud in your eye or poo in your teeth, you already understand the value of a Dirtsurfer.
ARTISTRY: Creatively obsessed, we are constantly creating new designs that allow you more options to style your bike. We also collaborate with local and international illustrators to create unique or custom works.  
ENVIRONMENT: We're obsessed about the environment too. Our mudguards are crafted from the world’s first 100% carbon neutral polypropylene sheet with a twin layer extrusion that yields a stiff, lightweight and durable product that prints up so vibrantly it is incredible. Both mudguard and its retail display card are 100% recyclable. We are so proud of what we've achieved.
WEIGHT: A measly 28g, perfect for racers, weight weenies and everyone else.
WHEEL SIZE: Suits all mtb wheel diameters from 29" right down to the now somewhat retro 26". We've even seen them on kid-size 20" wheels. 
INSTALLATION: 4 zip ties is all that is required for a snug and secure fitting to your fork. The recommended method for routing of cable ties and installation is outlined on our website in the universally understood (Ikea-esque) infographic.


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Rattlesnake Mudguard (by Yosoy)

Rattlesnake Mudguard (by Yosoy)

Yosoy is an awesome illustrator based in Mexico City. We've partnered up to introduce a few of his designs to the mountain bike market. RADNESS!

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